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The Odliadur is an interactive resource for pupils aged 3 to 7 (Welsh only). It includes activities, games and original poems based on rhyming to support and encourage pupil’s understanding and use of rhymes. It can be used as a class or independently. It’s available now for free on Hwb or by following the link below.

Agriculture student

This is a resource for 14 to 19-year-olds studying Agriculture. It focuses specifically on a cross-section of basic skills within 6 key areas in farming. You will find a series of short video clips of experts within the agricultural industry, in which they explain the principles of their specific tasks.

Llenorion Cymru: Athro Gwyn Thomas

A Welsh-medium resource suitable for Key Stage 3 to A Level students on the work of the Welsh poet Gwyn Thomas. This website includes specific text related lessons and a wealth of Resources that includes film clips and a comprehensive timeline, that can and should be adapted by pupils, teachers and anyone interested in knowing more about one of Wales’s most famous literary figures Gwyn Thomas.

Health and safety on the farm

Within the City & Guilds framework it is essential for students to study the ‘Principles of Health and Safety’ unit. The purpose of this resource is to enable students to understand the principles of health and safety and how health and safety standards can be implemented within the agricultural sector.

This resource highlights the importance of health and safety on the farm. It demonstrates health and safety statistics and legislation relevant to the agricultural industry, looks at the implications of accidents on the farm, and provides examples of good practice to reduce the number of incidents.

Pollution and waste in agriculture

This resource supports the teaching and learning of unit 316 ‘Pollution and waste control management’ of the City and Guilds: ‘Advanced Technical Extended Diploma’ in Agriculture (Level 3). It will improve learners understanding of the pollution generated by the agricultural industry, and how waste can be practically and effectively managed.

T. Llew Jones

An educational website based on the work of T.Llew Jones (Welsh author). The site consists of teacher/learner resources, interactive games, videos, a gallery and an interactive timeline. The content was created for Key Stage 2 and 3 learners. View the full website at


The home page.


Key stage 3 home.


Key stage 2 home.


Example of text based activities.


An interactive ‘pairs’ game.


Interactive crossword developed with jQuery.

Rock and Roll Poet

‘Rock and roll poet’ is a new and exciting educational platform based on the work of one of Wales’ most famous and most colourful literary figures – Dylan Thomas. It includes:

• text-specific lesson plans;
• a wealth of resources for both teachers and learners;
• an interactive timeline allowing you to explore Dylan’s life;
• info on what influenced some of his most memorable poems;
• an e-book, video clips and much much more.

Commissioned by the Welsh Government, created by Telesgop, in conjunction with Literature Wales / National Library of Wales / David Higham and experienced authors, this resource serves as a legacy for the centenary celebrations of Dylan Thomas’ birth in Swansea.

Free cross platform apps for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 are also available for download, allowing you to explore and learn more about Dylan on the go. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. It can be downloaded from the website itself or from the App Stores free of charge.

Enjoy Dylan at For more information contact


The home page.


Key Stage 2 app.


Key Stage 3 app.

Alternative Energy

The Alternative Energy website is a bilingual resource we created that includes lesson plans, videos and games for teachers and learners. For Key Stage 2 relating to Design and Technology. The units are: 1. Wind energy, 2. Solar energy, 3. Saving energy, 4. Water energy, 5. Travel and 6. Recycling


The home page.


A racing game based on electric cars.


A ‘fill in the gaps’ game based on water energy.


A look and find game based on saving energy.


A skill/time game based on wind energy.

Skills Up

This website for performing arts learners was specifically designed to help  develop skills for unit 1 and unit 3, GCSE Performing Arts WJEC. Pupils can download an “Action Plan” to help guide them through the process. Professional performers and technicians have created study/tip guides designed to help learners build and develop their chosen skill. Learners can watch examples of practical work for each skill, including technical presentations. Following these there are examples of evaluations to help pupils with their own.

There are also lessons and activities that teachers can use, as well as a vocabulary list that can be downloaded. PowerPoint presentations are available to guide pupils towards achieving the minimum requirements for any technical skill that they choose.


The home page.


Video page example.


Table example.

Clic Clonc

Interactive resource that supports learners on intensive courses organised by the Welsh for Adults Centres at Entry and Foundation levels, providing an opportunity to practice grammatical patterns and vocabulary skills to aid class performance.


The home page.


Units home page.


Unit Page.


Interactive activity example.

Mari a Max

Follow Mari and Max as they travel throughout Wales. Learn about the different characters they meet and what jobs they do. Choose from 6 e-books that can be read online or downloaded for your mobile device. 6 interactive activities are also available, including number games, word exercises and colouring.


The home page.


E-book example.


A game based on objects from different shops.


A game based on object from different jobs.

Beef Production

These bilingual resources present the main methods of beef production in the UK, for use in colleges and universities across Wales.


The home page.


A unit page.


A website which includes a bank of 200 audio clips along with related activities which develops pupils listening skills at Key Stage 3 and 4.


The home page.


Unit page.

Dewch i Wylio!

DVD suitable for adults learning Welsh in order to promote the use of audiovisual activities in the classroom, by introducing a collection of video clips from a variety of S4C programmes.

If you would like to enquire about getting this DVD, please contact us.